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Setting up a free account allows you to create your own custom browser start page, profile page and publish articles. No account is needed to visit links, read articles or reviews and participate in sweepstakes or utilize the SweepsTracker.


  • Search is a conglomerate of the web directory, sweepstakes directory, article directory and website reviews. Any information submitted into these directories can be accessed via the search feature.

Custom Startpage

  • Add and remove links to your personal start page and customize the layout of the page with preferences that meet your needs.
  • Choose the number of columns to organize your links into and what information you want displayed for each link.
  • Make your links Public or Private.

Custom Profile Page

  • Showcase links to your portfolio items such as web sites, articles or other media.
  • Share links to your social network profile pages.
  • Showcase articles you have published.

Web Directory

  • Filled with links from members which includes their favorite web sites and properties they own.

Top Referrers

  • The top referrers list features websites who have linked to
  • This list of websites is ranked by the amount and frequency of traffic being received by any given website.
  • When a website sends a new visitor to any page on, their link is pinged to the top of the list.
  • For a website to appear in the top referrers list, it must first be approved for viewing in the web directory.

Sweepstakes Directory

  • A selection of Single Entry, Daily Entry, Weekly and Monthly Entry giveaways that you can enter at your leisure.
  • Utilize the SweepsTracker in order to keep track of what sweepstakes you can enter; especially helpful for daily, weekly and monthly giveaways.

Article Directory

  • Publish your own articles here which can include to websites or web properties you work for.
  • Not all articles submitted are published in the directory.
  • Only the highest quality articles are approved.
  • Articles that are not approved are still showcased on your personal profile page.

Trending Articles

  • The most popular articles submitted to are featured in a trending list.
  • Articles are ranked by the day, hour and minute.
  • Using a number of different metrics, our software determines which articles have been consistently popular and gauges traffic to prioritize the order these articles are displayed in.
  • The trending mechanism is highly influenced by sharing on social media and linking from external websites.

Website Reviews

  • These website reviews are published by staff and editors who work exclusively for
  • Reviews are unbiased and showcase the features, products and services that any given website has to offer.
  • Website owners who want their website reviewed may request a review by contacting us.
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